Business Model 

Accurate dynamic financial strives on providing the best cost cutting strategies that gives your company that competitive edge it needs to stay ahead. Our success is based on how well our analysis is completed.  Our fee is only a percent of the amount ADF has found ways to save your company money. If no cost saving analysis is found, you owe us nothing.  When doing the analysis, there’s no one size fits all approach. What could be an area for improvement and the highest area to save money on one company may be the total opposite for another.  Once our analysis is completed and broken down, we will provide strategic solutions to fix those areas that will then lead to increasing your cash flow and bottom line.  ADF not only looks at the cost savings from the companies’ point of view, but from the customers view too.  Looking at it from both points of views insures that the strategic savings won’t impact the sales of the company which is what ultimately drives the success of the company.

Core Values 

With integrity and commitment, ADF hopes to be the company that sets you apart from the competition in your target market.  We will accomplish that by hard work, due diligence and a strong will to see your business thrive and flourish.

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