Areas of Expertise 

Starting with the following catorgies, ADF breaks down and starts analyzing the data to find the best strategtic approach that is the best fit for your company. Again, there is no one size fits all so the blue print to success is different for everyrone. 

Operating Cost 


Fixed and variable costs need to be analyzed monthly.  Here at ADF, a team of analysts will break down and review all costs to see where changes are viable and appropriate.  We’ll review costs, economies of scale and production efficiency. When running your production as efficiently and lean as possible you know you are creating a product at the lowest cost and still maintaining quality control.


Fixed costs can be easily overlooked and without a trained eye, savings opportunities may go unfound. For example, your building rent is $1,000 per month and has been for 5 years. Have you checked to see what others in the area are paying? Not knowing could be costing you a lot! Doing a market value analysis and finding out what others in your area are paying per square foot should be performed every year. Once a gap is found, either negotiating for lower rent or finding another building could add great value to your company and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Discretionary Spending​

All Companies like to celebrate birthdays and holidays with gifts and entertainment. Spending budgets sometimes get increased when news goes out that the companies profit rose by a certain amount. While this is a great time to appreciate the hard work that has been done, spending cost still need to be under a budget. There are a lot of ways to celebrate without having to spend a lot of money and there are many substitutions that can be made that can reduce spending in some areas.

Insourcing vs Outsourcing


Outsourcing and insourcing are some of the ways a company can cut costs. Companies can outsource work to other firms in the area or within the United States but if the firm is located in another country, it is called “off-shoring”.


While we rarely recommend eliminating positions, if it is necessary, all efforts are made to relocate the employee within the company. Insourcing may add cost but improve quality control.  After breaking down and analyzing the data, ADF will begin the right sourcing to determine the best solution for your organization. The correct sourcing takes all factors into effect - quality, cost, goals, availability, resources and determines what strategic approach is appropriate for your business.

Vendor Mangement and Logistics ​


Finding the right vendor can be stressful and tedious, finding the right one and then managing them is extremely time consuming. Let ADF not only source and find the right vendors to do the job but manage them after you agree on which vendor is the correct one for you.  We will do everything from background checks on the vendors, calling reference numbers to previous jobs they have completed; managing them for quality control after the right one is selected etc…. There are a lot of vendors who do the same work and we need to use that to our advantage. After all the vendors are sourced, bids will be put in and we will go with the best company that fits your needs and wants.

Pricing and Cost Analytics ​

Using data analytics is a must to stay competitive. Knowing what you pay now and what you paid 5 years ago is extremely important in pricing. If the cost of raw materials is increasing and the cost of your product remains the same, your profit margin is decreasing.


A common mistake we see is that a business will increase pricing without doing competitive pricing analytics to see what the competition is charging. Due diligence before changing anything is a must! ADF will provide data analytics on pricing and raw materials and find where the gap needs to be filled. Setting prices with your target market in mind is a must to stay competitive.


Accurate Dynamic Financial strives to provide cost cutting strategies that will give your company a competitive edge. Our fee is derived as a percentage of the amount ADF saves your company. If no cost savings is found, you owe us nothing.  When doing the analysis, there is no “one size fits all” approach.  


Once our analysis is complete, we will provide you with strategic solutions that will lead to increasing your cash flow and bottom line.  

Money Laundering Consulting















There are multiple ways a company and or person can launder money and it is imperative that you know the signs to look for. If the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) can prove that you were involved in any step of laundering the money, they can charge you for multiple crimes even though you never seen the physical money. If you are a new bank or financial company opening up, you must know the signs and patterns of how to catch these illegal activities. If the government can prove that you over looked a red flag that should have been reported, it can lead to heavy fines and possibly jail time.

Your employees should know what to do when they uncover a suspicious transition as well as know what to do when the law comes to your company with a subpoena to retain records. Customers have rights to ensure their information is protected and if they find out that information was given to the government that was not in the subpoena, you could be looking at a lawsuit yourself. Money laundering is usually done with illicit funds that range anywhere from drug dealers to terrorist. Terrorist rely on those illicit funds and with the proper training, terrorist activities can be stopped before they take place.  

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